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Muddy Fox


About the Company


 Muddyfox returns to the US delivering a quality bicycle at a fraction of the cost our competitors are asking for. 

Muddyfox achieves lower price points by maintaining lower overhead costs, passing the savings onto our customers. Muddyfox creates our bicycles with our customers in mind. 

Whether you are looking for a commuter bicycle or a more intense downhill style, Muddyfox has a bicycle for you.

  Muddyfox is proud to announce the new headquarters for our USA division is now based in Sandy, Oregon.  Over the hills through the woods and along the shores, the Northwest headquarters provide the best testing grounds for our bicycles.

Muddyfox can be found in local bicycle dealer stores that ship throughout the US.  Whether you are a dealer or a consumer, you will find our team’s dedication to our customer satisfaction, unsurpassed in the industry.


9 Speed Jumper
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